A Day in the Country - 1" Single Fold Binding - Forage - Black

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To order simply order in 25cm increments as such:

Quantity 1 = 25cm X WOF
Quantity 2 = 50cm X WOF
Quantity 3 = 75cm X WOF
Quantity 4 = 1m X WOF

Manufacturer: A Day in the Country
Designer: In House
Collection: Forage
Print Name: Stripe
Width: 1" / 2.5cm
Material:  100% Cotton
Care Instructions: Machine wash cold / Tumble dry low
Special Notes:

100% cotton, reasonably soft and smooth, and suitable for patchwork and quilting projects, clothing, crafts, children's wear and home decor projects.

This product is unavailable to be shipped from our US based store. We are able to ship internationally from our Australian based store, however international shipping rates will apply.