Double Wedding Ring Set, Based on 12" Square - Marti Michell

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Use this versatile template set to make the traditional Double Wedding Ring with pieced or solid rings and other patterns such as Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Lafayette Orange Peel and Improved Nine Patch (also known as Glorified Nine Patch).

Step-by-step basic instructions for making the block and setting the quilt, plus yardage for various quilt sizes and BONUS paper pattern for foundation piecing the Pickle Dish pattern (also known as Indian Wedding Ring).

Comes with a 28-page instruction booklet for using the templates, cutting fabrics, scalloped binding, and a method for sewing curved seams that can be applied to other patterns with curved seams, like Winding Ways. Choose pieced arc style (below left) or single arc (below right). Instructions also include yardage for quilts in multiple sizes. 

The set includes 7 template pieces with holes for marking for matching seams and some dot-to-dot piecing. Grainline arrows are silkscreened on templates. 

Finished circular design is approximately 17" across. 

Template set is based on a 12" square, so it's easy to know how many blocks to make.


Quilt options contained within the instruction booklet: