Make Bigger Flying Geese-type Triangles

You need a large triangle and a complementary small triangle to make Flying Geese units. Sets A and B include triangle templates that can be used to make three sizes of Flying Geese each, but sometimes you need an even bigger size. You can use our Flying Geese Ruler, Product #8022.

...or you can use this trick for cutting triangles that match templates 2 (Set A) and 9 (Set B). Follow the same idea for making bigger triangles with templates #68 (Set L), #73 (Set M), #80 (Set N), and #94 (Set Q). The Flying Geese Ruler is marked for 2+2, 9+9 and 94+94, and can be used to cut Flying Geese units from 3" to 5" in half-inch increments.

In many block patterns, it is quite common to see two right angle triangles that have been cut from the same fabric and sewn together, back to back, you might say. Often that seam can be eliminated. Look at the 12-inch Dutchman's Puzzle, for example:

For example, in many of the 12" (30.5 cm) or 16" (40.6 cm) blocks in Volume 4 the largest right angle triangle in the set must be flipped to create larger unseamed triangles. The good news is that the uniquely engineered corners make some clever tricks possible.

For some blocks, larger units can be made by cutting half of a piece, flipping the template and cutting again.

Make the first diagonal cut.

Flip or rotate the template and align it with the straight edges and the corner angles and make the second cut. Pay careful attention to the match points as that is how the adjustment is made to eliminate seam allowances.

On different shapes, a different section is the key position for matching; usually it is a corner.

Excerpted from the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 1 published by Michell Marketing, Inc. ©1995 Martha G. Michell


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Kinship: 100 Block Fusion Sampler

To make it easier for you we've collated all the items you could possible need in one easy location.

At a minimum you need to purchase the pattern, however if you struggle to pick fabrics we've also got quilt kits for you.

If you'd also like to make sewing your blocks super easy and efficient we've put together a bundle of the templates and rulers used and recommended in the pattern. These are completely optional and the pattern comes with instructions for using a rotary cutter and ruler.

PATTERN: Kinship: 100 Block Fusion Sampler

PATTERN: Kinship: 100 Block Fusion Sampler

Regular price $30.00

 Kinship: 100 Block Fusion Sampler is the work of Angie Wilson (GnomeAngel) and Bec Proschogo (Skyberries). Kinship is a mix of traditional patchwork blocks and some new never before seen blocks.

This pattern consists of:

  • Complete instructions for all 100 blocks constructed via machine piecing. 
  • Blocks comprise of:
    • 50 - 8" x 8" finished size blocks
    • 50 - 4" x 8" finished size blocks
  • Instructions for using Marti Michell templates to complete the blocks. (Machine pieced version only)
  • A full list of the templates and rulers that are used to make these blocks. These are optional - blocks can be made with standard ruler and rotary cutter. (Machine pieced version only)
  • Colouring in sheets for all 100 Blocks
  • Instructions for 2 layout options

Materials required:

  • Fabric for Blocks: 7 yards 
  • Fabric for the Kitchen Sink (Quilt Size: 60" x 80") Layout:
    • Binding: 5/8 yards
    • Backing: 5 1/8 yards, or 2 yard, 108" wide
    • Wadding/Batting: 68" x 88"
  • Fabric for Plaid (Quilt Size: 85" x 85") Layout:
    • Setting Squares: 1/4 yard
    • Sashing and Borders: 2 5/8 yards
    • Binding: 3/4 yards
    • Backing: 8 yards, or 2 3/4 yards, 108" wide
    • Wadding/Batting: 93" x 93"

A Note About Fabric Selection: As this is a sampler we want to encourage you to have fun, which is why we've given a total and not a break down (however the blocks are coloured in the pattern showing a possible layout option using 4 colours) for the fabric for your blocks. Have fun with fabric and mix and match cuts to make up a total of 7 yards. 

Using the From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates

Using the Templates and Rulers is not compulsory for making this quilt. The pattern includes instructions for both cutting methods.

If you’d like to use the From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates and Rulers the following template sets are used to construct the blocks in the follow instances:

Template Set Number of Blocks Used In
Template Set A 11
Template Set B 63
Template Set N 33
Template Set T 2

I also recommend the following From Marti Michelle Perfect Patchwork Templates and Rulers for use with this pattern:

  • 6.5″ Fussy Cut Ruler
  • 8.5″ Squaring Up Ruler


This pattern is PERFECT for the beginner. The hardest thing in the pattern is doing Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese. 

The scale of the blocks makes them perfect for showing off your favourite BIG scale prints. So dive into your stash and get ready to make your very own fusion sampler. 

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to template or not?

I started using the From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates and Rulers back in 2011 and I haven’t looked back. They’ve completely changed the way I do patchwork. I’m more accurate, I have less fabric waste and I can practically fussy cut with my eyes closed. I love them so much that I include the conversion charts for using the templates in every pattern I write. 

I’m a big fan on not spending money on one pattern use templates, which is another reason why I love these templates so much – you can use them with nearly all patchwork patterns out there. This means that you can use them with other designers patterns and make up your own quilts. 

The templates and rulers are completely optional, but I recommend them and use them throughout the event because I love them so much. I’ve put together a number of bundle options to help you if you’re just starting out with templates, or you’ve got a selection already or maybe you just want the rulers.


This is the bundle that contains the most used template sets in the pattern. It’s like a perfect toe-dipping-set for those who are curious about template sewing and want to give it a go. It’s a must for all the small piece patchwork in this pattern!


Kinship Bundle 2

This is the bundle that gives you my 3 favourite (and the top 3 used in the pattern) templates together. Perfect for the small piecing and most traditional patchwork blocks.


Kinship Bundle 3

This is the bundle that gives you all the templates used to make Kinship. A good bundle for those of you that are looking to not have to think about accurate cutting while making the quilt.



If templates aren’t your thing and you’re looking for my go-to rulers than look no further. I use these 2 rulers every time I sew. The fussy cut ruler is perfect for quick cutting of motifs and the 8.5″ is the perfect size for all your traditional patchwork blocks.



Most used template set in the pattern with my all-time favourite rulers. The fussy cut ruler is a game changer for those who love to fussy cut and the 8.5″ square ruler is perfect for all your non-template cutting and squaring up.



Most used template sets in the pattern with my all-time favourite rulers. The fussy cut ruler is a game changer for those who love to fussy cut and the 8.5″ square ruler is perfect for all your non-template cutting and squaring up.



We get it, sometimes choosing fabric can be overwhelming and comes with the fear that the quilt won't look cohesive.

We've got you covered. We're pulling together some popular options for making stunning eye-catching quilts.