BOOK: Kaleidoscope ABCs - Marti Michell

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Kaleidoscope ABCs includes basic information on using the Kaleido-Rulers and 14+ step-by-step patterns for new quilts, including Ramblin' Rose with Guacamole and Extra Salsa on the Side. Some old favourites have been updated.

Plus charts, over a dozen quilts in an idea gallery, and a design grid to photocopy. Plus an appendix full of great bonus information: a diamond border you can add to any quilt, previewing with mirrors, what size is a quilt?, planning a Kaleidoscope quilt, using a design wall, sewing 1/4" seam allowances, adding a flap border and making mitred borders.

80 pages, full colour, 8 1/2" x 11", soft cover. A perfect addition to your quilt library.

*** Acrylic template sets are NOT included with the book.

The following specialty rulers are used in this book: